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Making your own Christmas presents can be an enjoyable and cost effective way of getting Christmas wrapped up this year.

If you think that you’d need to be a Blue Peter badge holder to even attempt making your own, don’t dismiss the idea so easily. Homemade gifts do not have to incorporate metres of sticky back plastic or cereal packets - they can be proper grown up gifts… just lovingly made by hand.

Funnily enough, it can even help to reduce your stress levels over the weeks leading up to the big event. The trick to this, is to focus on gifts that you will enjoy making, so that your gift making sessions help you to relax and unwind for an hour or two.

The great cooks amongst us have a world of opportunity, as good culinary gifts are always a hit, particularly if they are given to friends that can barely find the microwave on button. If you are a talented artist or photographer, how about painting or photographing something that is special to a particular friend and then having it nicely framed for them?

Craft skills

Of course, there is always the opportunity to learn a new skill at the same time. Crafts such as felting can be immensely rewarding and the skills are easy to master with a little practice. With just a few hours and some nice raw materials, you will be able to make pretty wall hangings, slippers and trendy bags – perfect for your Mum, Gran or best friend. If you think this could be the idea for you Feltmaking by Chad Alice Hagen gives instructions on felting, with a range of project ideas.

Ideas and inspiration

Make Christmas cakes and decorate individually for each recipient.

Bake Christmas shaped sweet biscuits, decorate with silver icing balls and thread with red ribbon for a set of homemade Christmas tree decorations.

Make good quality marzipan into fruit shapes, dip in dark chocolate and once set, pack into pretty boxes.

Buy sheets of coloured felt, cut out pairs of Christmas shapes, stitch together with a simple running stitch and fill with dried lavender, to make lovely scented lavender bags.

Knit woolly jumpers, hats or scarves – the homemade look is very boho chic.

Join an evening class to learn a new skill such as jewellery making, then give your handiwork as gifts.

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