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"The Christmas Site" shall be taken to mean the website
"The site" or "the sites" shall be taken to mean the website
"Service" is the service provided by The Christmas Site.

No representations or warranties

The content of and services of the site are provided in good faith and the best efforts have been made to ensure that information is accurate and up to date. However, no guarantees are given that the information, graphics, images, or any other content are accurate or complete or that they are free from inaccuracies, omissions or other errors. No liability is accepted for any inaccuracy or omission or your reliance on information contained in the site. We reserve the right to alter, delete or discontinue any part of the site without notice.

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The Christmas Site acts as an affiliate for a number of organisations, so that a range of products and services can be promoted through the site. Users of the site may visit the websites of any of our affiliate companies by clicking on links within the site. The Christmas Site may receive a commission from the affiliate company if a sale is made to a visitor who has used their site as a result of a link from The Christmas Site. Affiliate companies and products are promoted in good faith, but The Christmas Site accepts no liability for the quality of goods and services provided by affiliate companies and accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any purchases made from them. The contract of sale is with the company from which the purchase is made and not with The Christmas Site. Users are advised to satisfy themselves as to the suitability of the goods and services offered before making a purchase.


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