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Christmas in Prague
We are all familiar with the traditional British Christmas, with too much food on Christmas Day, lovely presents to unwrap and a nice day of recovery on Boxing Day. But do you ever wonder how other countries celebrate Christmas? Is the turkey universal, or are other foods favoured? Is the giving and receiving of gifts a shared tradition?

In Australia of course, Christmas is a summer event, which makes for quite a different celebration, as the associations of burning log fires, snowfall and dark nights donít apply. However, many Australians have British origins and this has influenced Christmas traditions. The Christmas Day family meal is often turkey with the trimmings, just like it is here, but unlike here, Christmas celebrations are just as likely to take place in the glorious sunshine on the local beach! Something unique in Australia is the Carols by Candlelight tradition. Since the late 1930ís Australians have come together at events across the country to participate in the special candle lighting ceremonies and sing carols. Carols by Candlelight are a much loved Aussie event and unite Australians around the world.

A European Christmas

Across mainland Europe, there are many Christmas traditions unique to a country and others that are similar or shared. In Greece for instance, the tradition of present giving is mainly reserved for the children, but everyone enjoys a sumptuous Christmas feast, as it follows 40 days of fasting. Special sweet breads are baked throughout Greece at religious times of the year and at Christmas, this is called Christopsomo or ĎChristís breadí and is decorated with a Byzantine cross.

The best way to get a taste of Christmas in other European cities is to take a short break or day trip to one of the fantastic Christmas markets where you can get a feel for the style of Christmas elsewhere, whilst also doing some Christmas shopping!

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